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Are you looking for clean beauty products that are actually good for your skin? If so, look no further; Jane Iredale is the makeup and skincare brand for you. With a large array of products that use only natural ingredients, Jane Iredale offers formulas that are not only safe for your skin but nourish it as well. By thoroughly testing their products for sensitivities, and ensuring that their products do not contain any synthetic preservatives or fragrances, you can feel confident about using these products on your skin.

About Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale, a Londoner who came to New York to work in the entertainment industry found herself working with models and actresses in TV and film. There, she was frequently exposed to makeup and skincare and noticed that there was much improvement to be made in these products. More than 25 years ago, she decided she wanted to create a makeup line that is good for the skin. The brand has grown exponentially, and now reaches people of all ages and nationalities.

All of the Jane Iredale products are made without harmful toxins and are created to strengthen the skin with beneficial botanicals and powerful natural ingredients. Each product is also made without fragrances, preservatives, and fillers that can lead to irritation. As a cruelty-free company, Jane Iredale never tests on animals. In order to make sure that each product produces effective results, Jane Iredale partners with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, makeup artists, and estheticians to create formulas that enhance the complexion.

Products range from makeup for the face, eyes, cheeks, lips, and makeup tools. There are also an array of skincare products including cleansers, toners, hyaluronic serum, moisturizers, supplements, makeup remover, sunscreen, illuminator, hand cream, hand wash, and hand sanitizer. To learn more about the Jane Iredale products offered at our office, contact us today!

Who Can Benefit from Jane Iredale Products?

Jane Iredale products are safe to use on all skin types! Plus, because these products do not contain synthetic fragrances, colorants, and preservatives, most people do not have to worry about sensitivities. In fact, Jane Iredale has tested every one of their products for sensitivity on a 50-person test panel in their labs to ensure that their makeup is safe for everyone. If you have any concerns regarding candidacy for these products, do not hesitate to ask our knowledgeable team.

Benefits of Jane Iredale Products

There are many benefits to using Jane Iredale products because of their clean formulation. These products boast the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory helps to calm irritated skin.
  • Non-comedogenic and oil-free.
  • Virtually no allergy risk.
  • Built-in broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protection (SPF 20).
  • Water resistant.
  • Do not contain fillers.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Composed with minerals that have anti-bacterial properties.
  • Offer complete coverage for skin conditions such as redness, rosacea, and acne.

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