Cynosure Elite IQ for Hair Removal

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What is the Cynosure Elite IQ

If you are tired of temporary hair removal techniques such as shaving or waxing, then you may want to look into a treatment that produces more permanent results, such as laser hair removal with the Cynosure Elite IQ. The Cynosure Elite IQ is designed with the most advanced technology in laser hair removal for the most effective results available today. Using Skintel® technology, this device has the only FDA-approved melanin reader, which adjusts to your exact skin color and type, finding the perfect setting just for you. Along with permanent hair reduction, Cynosure Elite IQ also treats an array of skin concerns, including sun damage, skin pigmentation, wrinkles, and visible veins.

The Cynosure Elite IQ stands out from other laser hair removal technologies because it was built with both the user and the patient in mind. The patented melanin reader helps to keep patient safety in mind, while the modern design and ergonomic handpieces allow for Dr. Erwin to provide the best treatment possible.

The Cynosure Elite IQ Treatment

Prior to your laser hair removal procedure, the treatment area should be clean-shaven. During the procedure, the Skintel® melanin reader will then be used to measure the skin and adjust treatment settings according to your skin type. The laser handpiece will then be guided over the skin. During this time, the handpiece will emit beams of laser energy which is absorbed by hair follicles and converted to heat, disabling hair follicle growth.

Gradual results can often be seen over time, and multiple treatments are often needed for the best outcomes. The exact number of treatments that are needed will be dependent on the size of the area being treated. Each session usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete.  

Cynosure Elite IQ Treatment Recovery

Following laser hair removal, slight redness and irritation may occur in the treatment areas temporarily. There is no downtime required, so patients can feel free to return to their everyday routines. However, it is important to avoid exposing treated skin to UV light for at least two weeks after treatment. You should also avoid shaving the area for 72 hours, and excessive scrubbing for 4-5 days. Dr. Erwin will provide you with complete instructions on how to best care for the targeted area after treatment for the best results.

Cynosure Elite IQ for Hair Removal FAQ

What is Cynosure Elite laser?

Cynosure Elite is a laser hair removal technology that provides more permanent results for hair removal than waxing or shaving. The adjustable settings can also treat pigmentation, wrinkles, and visible veins.

What removes hair permanently?

While laser hair removal isnt a totally permanent solution for hair removal, it is very long-lasting, with hair not growing back for months to years depending on the area being treated.

How many sessions of laser hair removal does it take to see a difference?

With Cynosure Elite IQ, most patients benefit from multiple treatment sessions; the larger the area, the more sessions are needed for optimal results. A typical treatment plan consists of three to six sessions over several weeks.

How do you know if laser hair removal is working?

Laser hair removal is a gradual process, so dont be discouraged if you dont see results right away.

Why Elite iQ instead of other hair removal options?

Elite IQ comes with the most advanced technology for laser hair removal devices, including an FDA-approved melanin scanner that analyzes the normal pigmentation of your skin to adjust the treatment protocols accordingly.

Candidates for Cynosure Elite IQ

Individuals who wish to eliminate unwanted body hair anywhere on the body, including the arms, legs, bikini area, and back can benefit from laser hair removal with the Cynosure Elite IQ. Ideal candidates will have dark and coarse hair. Individuals who are pregnant or nursing should not undergo laser hair removal.

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