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Is your excessive underarm sweating negatively impacting your life?  Do you find yourself embarrassed to raise your arms?  Have you ever had to throw away clothing because of persistent underarm stains?  If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” the FDA-approved, clinically-proven miraDry® procedure may be the answer for you!

Suffering in silence is no longer necessary!  miraDry® is a relatively new treatment that utilizes microwave technology in order to significantly reduce excessive underarm sweating, in some cases, by up to 90%.  It is estimated that 20% of adults suffer from excessive underarm sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, though most suffer in silence because of the embarrassment that this problem causes. 

How does miraDry® technology work?

The miraDry® unit safely delivers focused doses of microwave energy, similar to that produced by a conventional microwave, directly to the sweat glands under the arm.  The trauma damages the glands, and leaves them unable to produce sweat.

How many treatments are required?

miraDry® is a two-step process, with the treatments performed approximately three months apart.  Upon completion of the first treatment, you will notice very significant results, but once you complete the second treatment, you will experience up to an immediate 90% reduction in sweating.  Approximately 10-15% of patients will require a third course of treatment in order to realize full improvement.

What will I experience during the miraDry® treatment?

The miraDry® procedure involves some minor discomfort, which is helped with lidocaine injections administered directly to the treatment areas prior to the procedure.  You may resume normal activities (with the exception of exercise) immediately after treatment, though it is highly recommended that you wear loose-fitting clothing and keep the area very well-iced for the remainder of the day.  You may resume normal exercise activities after three days.

What side effects can I expect post-procedure?

The axillary (underarm) sweat glands only make up approximately 2% of all of your body’s sweat glands.  Because these glands represent so few of the body’s sweat-producing glands, the instance of compensatory sweating is very minimal (approximately 1% of treated patients.)  In the weeks following the procedure, you may notice swelling, redness, a “pulling” sensation, or numbness in the area.  These side effects should subside.

Other potentially permanent side effects may include a reduction in odor and hair production in the area.

How long do the results last?

Because sweat glands have not been shown to regenerate throughout your lifetime, it is believed that miraDry® offers long-lasting results.

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